i have been watching sailor moon and this is what i found out i have only watched up to episode 45 though

Sailor moon – 14 year old has transforming pen, has prism, got 30 on test, removed bandage from Luna, does not do homework, study, got hypnotized by clock’s weird light moon tiara magic serenea hates heights has crush on tuxedo mask, crescent moon wand MOON PRINCESS cosmic moon burst

Sailor mercury- has pen, has super computer, likes school, mercury bubble blast Amy has crush on tuxedo mask has communicator

Champions of justice. On behalf of the moon I shall right wrongs and triumph over evil and that means you has communicator

Sailor Venus - Mena Venus crescent v smash has communicator

Sailor mars - Works at temple ray mars fire ignite fights with serenea has crazy grandfather has communicator

Sailor Jupiter – good at fighting, Lena, supreme thunder blast, orphan, member of royal court