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Microphones that can connect to computers

Cameras that can connect to computer (like a nanny cam, or like a camera in a museum)



Small camera

Wi-fi camera

Motion sencers

Spy gps

Stethoscope (or something else that can listen through walls)

Spy Net: Spy Strike Laser Dueling System

Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR

Spy Gear Security Scanner

Spy Gear Spy Safe

Wild Planet Spy Gear Spy Lazer Chase

Wild Planet Spy Gear Agent Action Briefcase

SPY NET: Survaillance Scope

Spy Gear Body Wire

Spy Gear Alarm Kit

A lot of batteries

Spy Gear Rocket-Blaster = = Wild Planet Lazer Tripwire

Spy Net Secret Message Wrist Dart Shooter

Spy Gear Games Spy Wire

Laser Challenge Pro Annhilator

Spy Safe Cracker

XP-5 Spy Wallet

Wild Planet Spy Gear Agent Tool Kit

Walike-talkie that has good reviews

Wild Planet Spy Gear® Spy Bug

Supersonic Ear

Wild Planet Spy Gear® Spy Tracker System ~ Wild Planet

Z-Curve Bow

Magnifying glass

Easy button @ staples

Car key


Switch that can go on wall


4 unconnected key boards

3 tvs

10 flash drives

Camera that can decode binary code

Wild Planet Spy Mission Action Kit

Spy Gear Global Agent Case


Wild Planet Spy Gear Agent Tool Kit


Spy gear flip blaster

CD holder (must be able to fit up to 52 discs)

50 Blank (total) minimum space on disc requirement per disc 1gb at least 2 must be 10gb two must be 5gb one must be 3gb total space of others 100gb total space of all 132